The Best Choice For Commercial Collections
McKenzie, Becker & Stevens understands that a swift response ensures a swift recovery, so we don't rely on letter writing to accomplish our goals. Instead, our collectors immediately call each of your customers on the phone to work out remittance.
Rapid Response
Debtor Search
Due to our vast database, McKenzie, Becker & Stevens can often determine whether or not a claim has a strong likelihood of being recovered. You provide us with the name of your customer, we then search to identify if they are a "common debtor". This alerts us to whether they've filed bankruptcy, whether this will be a difficult claim to collect, or whether they have a record of remitting quickly once they are contacted. This technology not only makes us faster, it makes us more reliable and more efficient. This database is there for you to use, by just placing a call to your representative, Free of Charge.
Direct Access Computer Services
Timely Remittance
McKenzie, Becker & Stevens understands that your business depends on the timely receipt of receivables. That is why we forward all recoveries after 21 business days. In fact, any funds collected on your behalf are placed in a non-interest bearing trust account until they are forwarded to you. That's our way of showing our commitment to your business and providing you with the extra assurance you expect.
We Are The Best Choice For Commercial Collections
McKenzie, Becker & Stevens believes that a close working relationship with our client is critical to the success of every collection. That's why we offer you direct access to your files through On-Line Computer Services. Any client can review the status of their files, monitor collection efforts made on their behalf, or electronically transfer claims to our office. We offer this service because we believe that the more you are involved with our business, the better we can help with yours.
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McKenzie, Becker & Stevens
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