At McKenzie, Becker & Stevens we produce positive, measurable results. We know that receivables represent your company's most important assets, so we work hard to build those assets. On average, McKenzie, Becker & Stevens recovers 70% of all claims forwarded to our offices and 63% of the dollars. These figures exceed the industry average by close to 35%, to keep your business ahead of the pack.
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The Best Choice For Commercial Collections
We Are The Best Choice For Commercial Collections
Outstanding Recovery Rate
McKenzie, Becker & Stevens is proud to announce that Marc Hirschel, one of its principals, has served on the Board of Governors of the Commercial Law League of America. In addition, McKenzie, Becker & Stevens is an Agency member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, League International Collectors (LIC) and the Commercial Law League of America. Furthermore, McKenzie, Becker & Stevens carries an Errors & Omissions policy in the amount one million dollars.
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McKenzie, Becker & Stevens
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