The Best Choice For Commercial Collections
We are McKenzie, Becker & Stevens. Our sole business is corporate debt recovery and our philosophy is simple: To treat your business as if it were our own.

At McKenzie, Becker & Stevens we function as an extension of your company, not an outside agency. We also understand that your customers are your livelihood. That's why our approach to debt recovery is professional, persuasive and principled.

We recognize that each and every client of ours is unique and deserves special treatment. So we treat your business like it's the only one we have. When you join the vast client list of McKenzie, Becker & Stevens, we assign a dedicated, highly skilled account team who has knowledge in your field. And they will work with you to identify your specific challenges and the best strategies to handle them.

In conclusion, McKenzie, Becker & Stevens concentrates on the things we do best. Our experienced team of account executives, collectors and paralegals focus solely on recovering your receivables. That leaves you free to focus on what's most important to you - Your Business.
We Are The Best Choice For Commercial Collections
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McKenzie, Becker & Stevens
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